Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Pure Bayanihan, a high-impact charity dedicated to fighting poverty through one million livelihoods. Founded by Barry Harrigan, co-founder of DemandScience, Pure Bayanihan serves people in the Philippines and beyond.

DemandScience is committed to using its resources and influence to create positive change through corporate social responsibility. Our support of Pure Bayanihan plays a pivotal role in the expansion of our core principles: efficiency, lean operations, collaboration, and a spirit of generosity.

Pure Bayanihan takes a ground-up approach to identify and tackle the root causes of poverty through the power of livelihoods. Their initiatives range from providing microloans and vocational training to investing in education for the youth, creating economic opportunities, and fostering self-sufficiency.

For Pure Bayanihan, being a 501 c3 non-profit is far more than just a tax designation – it is a solemn commitment to service above self. By covering all administrative costs through an innovative funding model, Pure Bayanihan ensures that 100% of donated funds go directly to beneficiaries, empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty.

Communities Reached

Families Helped

Individuals Touched

Pure Bayanihan maximizes impact and efficiency by:

Pure Bayanihan emphasizes collaboration with like-minded nonprofits as part of its strategy to create lasting positive change. 

Pure Bayanihan has a robust network of local volunteers. These local ties enable the nonprofit to create a profound impact with exceptional efficiency.

Pure Bayanihan spotlights the inspiring stories of Filipino community leaders who embody the “Bayanihan” spirit of service. From pastors to entrepreneurial women, these grassroots heroes drive positive change.

Its unique methodology maximizes donations for measurable results. Applying business principles of efficiency, measurability, and scalability, support its mission to create one million livelihoods. Together, we demonstrate business success principles as a powerful force for social good.

Maximizing Impact

Pure Bayanihan’s fiscal discipline and operational efficiency align with DemandScience’s founding principles of a “no waste, maximum impact” approach to business and philanthropy. Independently audited and transparently sharing financials, Pure Bayanihan founders cover the lean operational costs – ensuring maximum impact for every dollar donated. By adhering to rigorous standards of financial accountability, Pure Bayanihan resonates with DemandScience, which believes businesses and charities alike must prioritize responsible stewardship of resources to drive sustainable positive change.

At the core of Filipino culture, Bayanihan (buy-uh-nee-hun) represents a powerful tradition of unity, cooperation, and communal support. Historically manifested through the collective effort of moving a neighbor’s house to a new location in times of need, the principle of Bayanihan signifies more than a local tradition; it’s a global symbol of solidarity and collaboration.

“The concept of Bayanihan piqued my interest during over 35 trips to the Philippines over a decade. I was consistently amazed by the incredible resilience of the Filipino people as they faced natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, floods, and other calamities. While some Filipinos may be just one storm away from losing everything, they could also be one helping hand away from rising above their circumstances. And that’s what Pure Bayanihan is all about.”
– Barry Harrigan, Founder of DemandScience and Pure Bayanihan

Inspired by Bayanihan
Barry Harrigan

Barry Harrigan, an experienced entrepreneur with over four decades of business ventures, founded Pure Bayanihan drawing inspiration from the core values that drove the success of DemandScience. These principles – efficiency, lean operations, collaboration, and a spirit of generosity – were honed over decades and became the cornerstone of his entrepreneurial achievements.

Barry recognized an opportunity to apply these same proven principles to the non-profit sector to drive positive global impact through corporate social responsibility. Coupled with his admiration for the Bayanihan spirit of community and unity inherent in Filipino culture, the concept of Pure Bayanihan was born.

This partnership reflects our core values that DemandScience employees embrace and live out each day. Through Pure Bayanihan, the company puts into practice the principles of efficiency, goodwill, transparency, and accountable business practices.

Our philanthropic efforts allow the team to turn the company’s success as a leading B2B demand generation firm into a force for positive change around the globe. All in the spirit of Bayanihan.

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