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Content Syndication ROI Calculator

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How can you estimate content syndication ROI?

Here are some general steps:

  • First, you determine the cost (investment). For example, with a content syndication vendor the cost is typically based on the Number of Leads delivered and the Average CPL (Cost per lead).
  • Next, calculate your lead conversion rates. Assess how many leads transform into qualified leads (average Lead to SQL conversion rate) and how many qualified leads turn into opportunities won (Win Rate).
  • Then, use Average Contract Value (or Average Deal Size) to calculate a rough estimate of your potential revenue from a content syndication campaign.
  • Together, these basic numbers give you a rough calculation of your % return potential with content syndication where ROI = (return – spend)/spend.

Some important notes: Content syndication is a long-term strategy and may not result in immediate ROI. Your company’s specific circumstances will impact your ROI %. This calculator is for educational purposes only and may not reflect an exact quote provided by our sales team based on volume & inventory.

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