Uncovering Leads Within a Niche DevOps World

Case Study: PureSyndication + ABM

As one of the most-used DevOps tools that processes more than 1 million builds per day, this client aimed to expand its top-of-funnel lead generation activities for high-trajectory growth. With a niche consumer, the client needed a partner that could go beyond generic IT managers to find DevOps managers. Given the industry’s state of bleeding-edge technology, they encounter many early adopters but finding companies in new markets that were behind the adoption curve posed a significant challenge. Upon connecting with DemandScience, the client was finally able to filter down to the specific DevOps roles that were most important for sales revenue goals.

The multi-channel outreach campaigns provided guaranteed lead volumes across the DemandScience global audience of technology buyers. Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives were then able to accelerate their efforts with the steady supply of targeted account leads supplied by the PureSyndication + ABM program. Campaigns are continuously increasing internal productivity and improving lead quality for the sales team as the client has access to the right opportunities.

To see the full success of the program, download the case study.

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