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    PureB2B's Global Audience of B2B Technology Buyers

    Our global audience of in-market B2B technology buyers is derived from outbound engagement and intent data exclusive to PureB2B through our PurePredict™ technology.

    Through years of focused discovery, we have amassed an audience enriched with firmographic, demographic, and technographic data across segments including IT, sales, marketing, finance, business, and human resources.

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    $ 1,561,430,295

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    Edge Computing

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      Target Smarter with PurePredict™

      PurePredict functions as a bridge, combining contact level intent, domain level consumption trends, and company intent triggers through social media to provide the most accurate buying predictions. We access over 125 million in-market buyers, across various segments and industries to gain a growing knowledge of trends and challenges in any given space.

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