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Chuck's Expertise

Each of our content experts bring their own set of original and specialized skills to the B2B landscape. Supporting a variety of solutions for the challenges of the decision makers within your target personas.

Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology

Involves not just the 7,000 + (and counting) martech vendors who help marketers engage and convert their customers, but also includes a focus on the ways martech is deployed as part of a change management framework that includes marketing people and marketing processes. The goal is to help marketers optimize what they do and help them drive return on investment/ROI.

SaaS Technology


A way to deliver software solutions that doesn’t require customers to make large, upfront investments in computer servers and infrastructure. Instead customers pay for what they use and can thereby focus on core competencies that drive business growth. SaaS helps customers scale while controlling costs and enables customers to do what they do best, which is generally not scaling in-house IT departments.

HR Technology

HR/Human Resources

Getting the most out of the people who help companies grow. People, also referred to as talent or human resources, are the key to growing any business. Motivating, engaging and facilitating the growth of talent is what HR is all about. choose to hire outside firms to provide quality service at a lower cost than in-house IT staff.

Chuck Leddy

Chuck connects B2B companies and brands with customers through engaging stories that help customers solve problems and be happier. A former print journalist, Chuck has crafted stories for organizations in higher education (MIT, Harvard), business (GE, American Express, Cintas), marketing technology (Zylotech, Sojourn Solutions), and HR (ADP). His stories offers intelligent, actionable solutions for customers and brands.

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