B2B Lead Generation Content that Converts

B2B Lead Generation Content that Converts

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy with Research-Driven Content.

Is Your Content Relevant to Your Target Personas?

Targeted content that speaks to the challenges and needs of your personas is key for any effective lead generation program. However, many companies struggle to dedicate the time and resources required to build a catalogue of relevant content.

To keep your brand and product awareness at peak levels, there needs to be a constant flow of content reaching your desired technology buyer personas. Working with a lead generation partner who knows your space can give you the edge you need to maintain a competitive content production cycle.

Personas Target

Take Your Strategic B2B Content to the Next Level with PureContent

Working across our global network of more than 62 million technology buyers, our researchers utilize custom surveys to dive deep into the challenges and needs of the decision makers within your target personas.

From this research, our team of content strategists create highly targeted and relevant content in the format of your choice.

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PureContent Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking for your next piece of lead generating content? Through our work with thousands of different B2B technology clients, we understand what formats and topics are most successful for lead generation. PureB2B offers a wide selection of industry specific content available for sponsorship.

Get the Most Out of Your Updated Lead Database

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7 Steps for Developing Better Content

Today, marketers must develop a steady stream of new, relevant content to drive traffic to their sites, attract new prospects, and nurture existing leads. In a digital world, anyone can be a publisher, but producing high quality, engaging content is far more involved than churning out a few blog posts.