Intent-Driven B2B Content Syndication

Intent-Driven B2B Content Syndication

Content Syndication With Actionable Insights

B2B Lead Generation with PureSyndication

Powered by the largest intent ecosystem in the space, PureSyndication pushes your content into the hands of your target buyers using multi-channel outreach efforts. PureB2B not only provides you with valuable lead intent data through our PureSyndication campaigns, we also understand how best to use that data to increase your sales and marketing ROI.

Intent-Driven Syndication: User Journey

We focus on engaging those who are intending to make a change or have a need to make a change and establish thought leadership with them. The intent-driven syndication process involves identifying intent keywords to build a target account list. Once the target account list is built, we match the list to our exclusive global audience. Working with client demand generation target personas, we identify potential leads in the online & offline ecosystems. Next, we host client content across our topical network of sites and drive engagement to the target list via multi-channel outreach (email AND phone). Once target prospects engage, our outbound research and survey teams extensively QA leads through email, direct contact, and database research. Lastly, qualified leads are delivered to the client. With guaranteed predictable lead volumes enriched with intent activity data, PureSyndication delivers your content to the decision makers in your target markets.

Online & Phone-Verified Intent Data

Our online and offline intent generation engines combine to provide intent data that is solely exclusive to PureB2B and our clients. By aggregating both online and phone-verified intent, PureB2B identifies companies that are in-market and integrates your chosen keywords to build a targeted account list.

Through our exclusive intent data partnerships, we identify leads via online content consumption data and trends. With digital intent partnerships with over 600,000 sites, we’re able to identify and analyze content consumption for peaks in activity across accounts.

Offline intent is equally as important as online intent, and we verify buyer intent via phone survey. Our team of industry experts contacts tech buyers to identify those looking to make a purchase now. Our callers continuously take the temperature of the market by executing survey programs that connect directly with the decision makers you need to reach, ensuring that the data is accurate and up-to-date. Questions evaluate upcoming projects across dozens of software categories. Responses provide in-depth market insights and identify in-market buyers.

Quality Assurance (QA) Process

Once target prospects engage, our outbound research and survey teams extensively QA leads through email, direct contact, and database research. How does PureB2B deliver the highest quality leads to the technology market? We provide unprecedented Quality Assurance on every lead. In the B2B field, you can’t live by big data solutions alone. By combining the latest feeds from all primary B2B big data suppliers with highly trained in-house human inspectors, we provide the most innovative and accurate solution in the B2B lead generation market. With more than 100 inspectors in our offices, we examine every lead by hand and put it through a meticulous 30-point qualification process. We do this for every lead to give it the approval stamp that your sales team can trust.

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