PurePulse: Buyer Ready Leads with In-Market Decisional Intent

Middle of Funnel Lead Generation by Gathering Decision-Based Data About Your Targeted Buyers.

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PurePulse strategically nurtures a defined list of content-based subscribers, looking to identify ready-to-buy leads.

1st Party Strategically Nurtured Engagement Identifying In-Market Buyers.

Providing program specific leads that have raised their hands to signify being in-market withing in the next 12 months.


Market Smarter with PurePulse

PurePulse is a market research engine driven by active cycles of engagement outreach into our global B2B technology audience of more than 131 million buyers. Leveraging a combination of quality thought leadership content and single question surveys, PurePulse collects first party, decisional buyer intent data across 1000s of domains on a monthly basis. The leads delivered to you, are the exact individuals that said they are looking to buy within a 12 month period.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

I've been consistently impressed with the quality of the leads they've provided us. Their willingness to go the extra mile with targeting means we've been able to tie qualified pipeline opportunities directly to this source quickly. The price is right, meaning this is an affordable option for small businesses that will produce outsized impact. An excellent growth vehicle!

Shari T.

Head of Marketing

Edward V
Edward V

What I like best about PureB2B is their targeting capabilities. I am able to target priority accounts with a specific set of roles/titles. The leads that are returned are high quality -- I immediately place them into a marketing nurture campaign and have our SDR pursue simultaneously. While we are new to PureB2B, we have already closed an opportunity tied to PureB2B.

Jordan V.

Director, Demand Generation

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

I like the consultative approach and expert guidance by the entire team at PureB2B to ensure optimal results. They are always responsive, professional and offer insightful feedback. Another positive to their programs is the ability to be very targeted to ensure that they deliver the leads that fit the exact persona we are targeting - resulting in better results at a cost that fits almost any budget.

Stephanie K

Director, Digital Marketing

The DemandScience Global B2B Technology Buyer Audience

Our global audience of in-market B2B technology buyers is derived from outbound engagement and intent data exclusive to DemandScience. Through years spent on focused discovery and campaign delivery, we have amassed an audience enriched with firmographic, demographic, and technographic data across segments including IT, sales, marketing, finance, business, and human resources.


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Pipeline Generated Trailing 12 Months

$ 1,561,430,295

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