PureFunnel: High Volume Outbound Lead Development

Uncover all potential sales and marketing opportunities with our outbound turnkey high-volume lead development approach, leaving no stone unturned

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A Scalable Solution for the Lead Conversion Process

Combines contact level intent, domain level trends, and company triggers from social media and other channels.

Leveraging high volume phone outreaches, ensuring every contact in your TAM receives a unique touchpoint, combined with email deployments, 

How much is sales development costing you? PureFunnel maximizes revenue generation with our 100% US Based outsourced LDR soup to nuts service.


Full-funnel Lead Generation & Development

PureFunnel combines our US based calling team, with our PurePredict intent technology to identify and reach the best potential prospects in your target market. It costs upwards of $115k to replace a sales rep between recruiting fees, on-boarding costs, and potential lost revenue from missed deals. Our LDR team is designed to cost effectively take this burden off your shoulders, freeing up your team’s time for hyper targeted prospecting and closing on your top accounts.

PureFunnel provides you with in-market leads that have engaged at the bottom of the marketing funnel. This includes leads that have requested more information, have conducted conversations of interest with our SDRs, and even ones that have booked an appointment.

When PureFunnel is Right for You:


Optimized Demand Generation starts with PurePredict™

PurePredict™ functions as a bridge, combining contact level intent, domain level consumption trends, market research decisional engagement, and company intent triggers through social media to provide the most accurate buying predictions available in the market today. We access over 131 million in-market buyers, across various segments and industries to gain a growing knowledge of trends and challenges in any given space.

PurePredict 4 Types of Intent Data in one Predictive Engine

Tracking Our Campaigns and Database for Content Consumption and Behavioral Trends

Monitoring Millions of Online Interactions Across Social Media, SaaS Review Platforms and Technology Forums

Content consumption trends from 3 million companies across 100,000+ keywords

1st Party strategically nurtured survey engagement intent activity

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

I valued the fact that our partner, Cody, took the time to listen to my objectives and goals for the department and came back with relevant options. He wasn't simply trying to sell packages and disappear, he worked as an extension of my department to find a solution and follow it through. As a result, we were able to build and expand programs that drove pipeline in a short period.

Renee J

Head of Demand Generation


We work with DemandScience to capture leads from new sources. The leads always match our segmentation criteria and our sales team appreciates the buyer intent data. Also, the direct integration with our Salesforce Pardot database enables our sales team to follow up immediately and their customer service is excellent.

Edward V

Chief Marketing Officer

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

DemandScience has an in-depth understanding of their audience and leverages many data points to ensure our leads are qualified. Quarter over quarter, they are a trusted, valued, integral part of our lead gen strategy. They are first to convert time and time again! As an added bonus, our rep Lauren Freeman is amazing and so wonderful to work with. She and her team are true partners.

Michelle S

Marketing Manager

Marketing Smarter with PureFunnel

The DemandScience Global B2B Technology Buyer Audience

Our global audience of in-market B2B technology buyers is derived from outbound engagement and intent data exclusive to DemandScience. Through years spent on focused discovery and campaign delivery, we have amassed an audience enriched with firmographic, demographic, and technographic data across segments including IT, sales, marketing, finance, business, and human resources.


Total Technology Buyers


Pipeline Generated Trailing 12 Months

$ 1,561,430,295

In-Market companies


Trending Topics

Edge Computing

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