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Account-Based Programmatic Display Management

Account-Based Programmatic Display Management


Is your Account-Based Marketing Strategy Fully Optimized?

To ensure the resources spent on building out your ABM lists and strategies have the highest possible ROI, it is imperative you incorporate the most up-to-date account and behavioral data, and work with a lead generation partner that knows where to find your targets online and off.

This fully managed approach is a proven best practice to maintain brand awareness as prospects move through the marketing and sales funnel and ultimately works to expedite and increase lead to MQL conversion rates as part of an existing nurture or ABM program.

How PureABM Works

Cross-Device and IP Matching

PureABM targets in-market decision makers by leveraging data collected across multiple devices and IP addresses to optimize impressions and increase click-through rates.

Working with your target accounts, a custom program is matched to your specific needs and our internal data all while tracking engagements and performance in real-time.

Accurately Pinpoint Your Intended Targets

Once leads have been identified, PureB2B matches the list at the contact level to our exclusive global audience of more than 125 million B2B technology buyers and begins targeting them across the PureABM display network.

PureABM targeting features include geographic, job function, company size, and industry. Additional layers of targeting can be added with the inclusion of whitelists and blacklists.

PureABM Features

Brand Safety

Through data matching combining IP targeting with our growing audience of B2B technology buyers, PureABM advertisers can rest assured that your display assets will not appear in contextually inappropriate locations or attract out-of-target engagements.

Robust Reporting & 70% Viewability

Go beyond impressions, clicks, conversions, and engagement of audience reporting with account level unique digital identifiers. Campaign assets are guaranteed a minimum 70% view before counting as an impression.

Fixed Pricing Model & Custom Quotes

Our fixed pricing model is available for both small and large campaigns. There is a potential to gain a 33% increase in ABM program ROI. Our fixed pricing model & custom quotes empowers proper planning and budgeting.

Managed Display Benefits

Managed display touchpoints to increase awareness of the brand and gain recognition for other channels such as email marketing, and content syndication.

  • Web visitors from target accounts respond with higher engagement and conversions whey they view relevant messages and CTAs based on previous engagements.
  • Media advertising budget is spent on target accounts only, eliminating waste and increasing conversion rates by up to 2x.
  • Potential for a 33% increase in ABM program ROI.

Ready to Accelerate Your ABM Strategy?