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B2B Lead Generation Solutions

B2B Lead Generation Solutions

Lead Generation Like Nobody's Business

Our lead generation solutions create customized campaigns micro-targeted to your in-market buyers at any stage of the buying cycle. PureB2B's hands-on approach and buyer-intent data provide you with the sales and marketing pipeline velocity you need. Learn about our lead generation services below.

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Accelerate Your B2B Lead Generation ROI!

PureSyndication: Content Syndication With Intent Data

PureB2B Content Syndication targets and engages the right B2B Buyers, which pushes your content into the hands of you target by using multi-channel outreach efforts.

SMG Broke into New Markets

Expansive filtering capabilities and intent-activity data layering empower SMG to better forecast lead generation budgets while maintaining a consistent stream of quality leads into its marketing funnel.

“We at SMG love the superb customer service and quality leads we get from PureB2B. Jeff and team are proactively involved in our campaigns and making sure we get the highest quality leads relevant to our industries. Given our niche industry, it is not always easy to find leads with great titles that match our buyer personas, but PureB2B finds a way!”

Jared Emmitt,
Manager, Demand Generation at SMG

Lead Generation While we Sleep

Powered by the largest intent-driven audience in the space, PureSyndication + ABM reached and engaged with the right decision makers within MX’s target ABM list.

“The team at PureB2B has set up a process that allows us to ‘set and forget’ so that we constantly have leads flowing into our marketing automation system. Their team has always been responsive to our questions and quick to get new campaigns setup and going. They are also willing to segment campaigns with different content and lists so that we can maximize our value.”

Mike Wallgren,
Director of Marketing Operations and Digital Marketing at MX

PureABM: Account-Based Programmatic Display Management

PureABM is a unique display advertising solution that offers an intent-driven, integrated approach to existing demand and lead generation programs, enabling you to reach the entire buying committee within target accounts.

PureTrends: B2B Account Intelligence

PureTrends helps you gain access to survey results and in-market leads within your specific sub-industry who are looking to make a purchase in the next twelve months.

PureFunnel: Integrated Turn-Key Market Development

PureFunnel provides down-funnel outbound lead generation to help clients address the roadblocks they’ve hit generating bottom-of-funnel leads. The cost-effective process saves you time and resources spent nurturing and delivers BoFu leads that are already engaged on the buyer’s journey.

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Accelerate Your B2B Lead Generation ROI!


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