Event Engagement

Event Engagement

PureConversion Event Follow Up

Take the Headache Out Event Nurturing

Whether in person or digital, events are still one of the strongest lead generation tactics for B2B marketing teams, yet 65% of event leads on average aren’t followed up on by sales within 30 days of the event taking placing. Events are a great opportunity to generate leads from buyers who match your target buyer persona and can be a huge ROI opportunity for your marketing team when followed up on diligently. Take control of your pipeline and avoid the follow up breakdown. PureConversion allows for a tactical, aggressive follow-up approach in the two weeks following your event. Strike while the iron is hot and get 3 times improved MQL conversion rates!
Unlike most lead development solutions in the space, PureConversion works on a per lead pricing model, helping to better manage the ebbs and flows of leads more cost effectively. Building out internal resources is expensive and time consuming; PureConversion cuts your lead development and qualification costs by 25-30% on average versus in house.

How PureConversion Works for Event Engagement

PureB2B leverages our technology to identify and connect your programs with high quality U.S.-based phone talent. We select the top 3% of callers out of thousands of applicants each month with 5+ years’ experience. All calls are QA’d either by machine learning or manual QA with more than 20 call criteria.


Provide Event Leads List

Provide your event leads to our U.S.-based agents to nurture after the event on your behalf.


Integrated Approach

PureB2B takes an integrated approach to event engagement across two main channels: custom email and phone outreach.


3x MQL Conversions

PureConversion provides a tactical, follow-up nurture. Strike while the iron is hot and get 3 times improved MQL conversion rates!

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