PurePredict™: Multi-Source Intent Data for Demand Generation

3 Sources of Buyer Intent Data for the Ultimate B2B MQL Solutions


    Life at PureB2B

    PurePredict™ is Optimized for ROI Acceleration

    Our predictive analytics solution combines contact level intent, domain level content consumption trends, and account-based triggers through social media sites to pull in the most accurate depiction of the buying landscape for your specific needs.

    Tracking Our Campaigns and Database for Content Consumption and Behavioral Trends

    Monitoring Millions of Online Interactions Across Social Media, SaaS Review Platforms and Technology Forums

    User and Account Based Content Interactions Identified Across 100k Sites with & 7k+ Topics Monitored

    Optimized Demand Generation starts with PurePredict™

    PurePredict™ functions as a bridge, combining contact level intent, domain level consumption trends, and company intent triggers through social media to provide the most accurate buying predictions available in the market today. We access over 131 million in-market buyers, across various segments and industries to gain a growing knowledge of trends and challenges in any given space.


    Verified Trending, In-Market Targeting Capabilities

    PurePredict helps create lasting demand generation interactions, resulting in high quality in-market leads, leading to more pipeline and revenue.

    PureB2B Solutions Powered by PurePredict™

    Market Smarter with PureB2B!

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      Lead Generation
      Lead Generation

      What I like best about PureB2B is their targeting capabilities. I am able to target priority accounts with a specific set of roles/titles. The leads that are returned are high quality -- I immediately place them into a marketing nurture campaign and have our SDR pursue simultaneously. While we are new to PureB2B, we have already closed an opportunity tied to PureB2B.

      Jordan V

      Director, Demand Generation

      Lead Generation
      Lead Generation

      I valued the fact that our partner, Cody, took the time to listen to my objectives and goals for the department and came back with relevant options. He wasn't simply trying to sell packages and disappear, he worked as an extension of my department to find a solution and follow it through. As a result, we were able to build and expand programs that drove pipeline in a short period.

      Renee J

      Head of Demand Generation

      Lead Generation
      Lead Generation

      The team over at PureB2B is phenomenal and proved themselves program after program as a strategic demand gen partner. They deliver qualified, cost efficient leads at scale, are super easy to integrate with, and extremely proactive in making suggestions and recommendations to improve current programs and future initiatives. On top of that, PureB2B was flexible in their process and very willing to hear feedback and suggestions from their partners.

      Steve A

      Growth Marketing Lead

      Lead Generation
      Lead Generation

      The team is extremely responsive and agile. They are quick to respond to pivots and changes in our campaigns and are very responsive to any and all questions I have, either about titles, trends, etc. The readout they provide about the different campaigns is comprehensive and allows for quick proof of concept and ROI.

      Brianne K

      Demand Generation