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[cs_tile title=”Michelle Wong” description=”With over 10 years of experience in content marketing, SEO, demand generation, and product development, Michelle helps B2B businesses increase their lead generation.” anim_direction=”anim-bottom” icon=”11869″ button=”|title:Meet%20Michelle||”]
[cs_tile title=”Scott McKinney” description=”About 10 years of experience writing marketing materials and articles for trade publications and companies in B2B technology and professional development.” anim_direction=”anim-bottom” icon=”11869″ button=”|title:Meet%20Scott||”]
[cs_tile title=”Chuck Leddy” description=”Chuck Leddy connects B2B companies and brands with customers through engaging stories that help customers solve problems and be happier.” anim_direction=”anim-bottom” icon=”11869″ button=”|title:Meet%20Chuck||”]
[cs_tile title=”Laurie Weller” description=”More than 20 years of experience for both private and public companies with an emphasis on the software, financial services and commercial/wide-format printing industries.” anim_direction=”anim-bottom” icon=”11869″ button=”|title:Meet%20Laurie||”]
[cs_tile title=”Kevin Graham” description=”Kevin is a writer for B2B technology companies. I help clients create high-quality technical content about their products and services that closely aligns with their brand strategy.” anim_direction=”anim-bottom” icon=”11869″ button=”|title:Meet%20Kevin||”]
[cs_tile title=”Shanty Elena” description=”Shanty is a freelance B2B Content Writer with over 20 yrs. of corporate experience. She writes and edits books, industry reports, white papers, articles, interviews, etc.” anim_direction=”anim-bottom” icon=”11869″ button=”|title:Meet%20Shanty%20Elena||”]
[cs_tile title=”John Cox” description=”John’s background is in technology news reporting and IT/business research writing enables John to create stories that matter to a client’s customers and prospects.” icon=”11869″ button=”|title:Meet%20John||”]
[cs_tile title=”Deb Schmidt” description=”I am a Marketing Consultant, Creative Director, Brand Guru and Senior Copywriter who has been working (playing, actually) with ideas, strategies and words for 20+ years and still love doing it.” icon=”11869″ button=”|title:Meet%20Deb||”]