on Mar 31, 2021 / by Corey Cantrell

Women in Sales and Marketing Leadership [podcast]

On this episode of Unlocking Pure Revenue, we talk all about women in leadership, specifically surrounding sales and marketing. To commemorate 2021’s Women’s History month we wanted to discuss some cool stuff happening around women supporting other women.

We’re joined by SalesAssembly’s President Christina Brady, and PureB2B’s own Angie Waters to explain the different programs they’re enacting to support their fellow women in their respective organizations and fields.
Christina hosts a regular session for women to meet up and discuss their challenges and successes. At the same time, Christina offers awesome insights into how they can grow in their careers and expand their as a sales or marketing professional.

At PureB2B, we have a special program that recently kicked off called Project Uplift. Angie hosts a regular meeting with the women of PureB2B and offers a space for people to grow together. The attendees have an opportunity to share their knowledge in their respective spaces, and support each other in growth, both personally and professionally.

This episode is great listen for anyone, male or female, who wants to learn about making an impact and exploring vulnerability in their leadership roles. We even talk about some strategies women can follow to help their growth. Take a listen and be sure to follow both Angie and Christina to learn more about women leadership opportunities!

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