on May 08, 2019 / by Anna Eliot

Stop Stomping on the Sideline: Get in the ABM Game

97% of marketers have reported higher ROI by implementing an ABM strategy (Forbes “How Accounts – Based Marketing can significantly grow your business revenue).  Not 15%… Not 45%… but 97%! With so many different opinions on how to approach your marketing strategy, one thing is clear; making a concentrated push to ABM couldn’t come soon enough.

We have seen entire companies build their stories on this model.  Demandbase is one of the leaders in this space, their entire focus is built on helping marketers identify the buyers that are showing the highest levels of engagement. Demandbase’s goal is to quickly identify, engage, and nurture buyers through the buying cycle.

Traditionally the process of creating the ultimate ABM strategy was built in part with sales, and that conversation was tedious and troublesome. After countless hours of building a strategy, it ended up resulting in a “target account list” of every account that the sales team had in their CRM. The results provided no rhyme or reason on why they should be elevated, and which accounts are the best for that ABM campaign.

This is an example of why most marketers have struggled getting these campaigns out the door.  Its effectiveness can take a dive when done in house, and many of the vendors can quickly eat into your budget as solutions can be pricey to acquire. This strategy will only be successful when you have a team that knows the ins and outs of lead generation.

So how can a team trial out an ABM approach without a huge up-front commitment and still make sure they can tap into some of the best data around?  The key is to look for partners that can take your target accounts and help find the accounts that are showing higher signs of engagement. Or tap into the absolute best vendors, like a Demandbase, to leverage their intent ecosystem so you can benefit from the data without having to scrap the company holiday party in an effort to kick start your ABM strategy.

After you have completed the hard part – finding your accounts to target, the key is getting in front of them in every way possible.  It’s important to come up with a great direct mail approach; find a templated sequence to set up through outreach, SalesLoft, or manually write it out, retargeted display ads for more down funnel engagement, and content syndication so your sales/SDR team can start having conversations with the buyers at these target accounts.  As you get all these moving pieces together, try to find a vendor that is reputable and can possibly help you tackle more than one of the monsters noted above.  It is a lot to take on, DemandScience can help leverage the Demandbase intent ecosystem to create a target account list for content syndication. In addition to working with your SDR/Sales team for follow up and sequence best practices, could make a trial into ABM that much easier. If you already have your own list and want to find a vendor that can work on targeted display follow up, an ABM strategy will be effective. 

When all is said and done, being able to #BeHuman and turn off the noise and focus on your best prospects is what will achieve best results.  However you choose is an open path – but know that you have trusted partners like DemandScience who are happy to help you in the journey.

Account-based marketing strategies have the power to drive bottom-line results with personal and optimized tactics and increase alignment between sales and marketing teams. Check out what PureABM can do for you!

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