on Dec 19, 2020 / by Corey Cantrell

Predictive Analytics – The Future of Intent

Intent Isn’t Enough Anymore

Historically, predictive analytics and intent have not crossed paths. Intent has solely relied on a one-dimensional approach by utilizing singular keywords and topics, resulting in a somewhat vague output of data that can be confusing at times. Most intent providers utilize some sort ecosystem of websites to track engagement. The problem is that you receive mostly duplicate data, and at the end, you still know little about your targeted prospect. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending the time, money, and effort on a solution and have nothing to show from it. This is an all too common issue with the current intent landscape. As marketers realize this struggle and look to evolve their marketing data, intent should be required to evolve as well.

Blending Intent and Predictive Analytics

The next logical step for intent to take is to add in more data qualifiers, which in turn, only puts a band-aid over the issue. Many intent providers boast large databases and ecosystems that can focus on niche audiences, but can’t provide the most important facet of the data- contact level reporting. In reality, what is truly needed is a supplement to the waning intent issue. That’s where predictive analytics comes in. The ability to mine data and use it for future insights on specific targeted criteria is not only more valuable than basic intent, but when coupled with an intent solution, provides buyer trends matched with the direct needs of the prospect. The result of this pairing is a stream of ready-to-use data that has granular targeting qualifiers.

The Future of Predictive Analytics

Knowledge is power and being able to predict the future as a marketer is the ultimate power. The future of marketing encompasses both intent and predictive analytics, mashed into one functional machine, focused on churning out up-to-date buyer data and real-time insights to help prioritize lead generation. What does a predictive analytics engine, focused on lead generation look like? Building personalized buyer insights, across a contact-level database, measuring domain level consumption trends, and matching buyer focused social triggers. The problem, however, is that there’s no single vendor offering all of these in one agile package. Until now.

Introducing PurePredict

PurePredict functions as a bridge between all the above listed pain points; combining contact level intent, domain level consumption trends, and company social triggers through social media to provide the most accurate buying depiction. We access over 125 million in-market buyers, across various segments and industries to gain a growing knowledge of trends and challenges in any given space. At the same time, PurePredict analyzes our research backed audience of in-market buyers in order to gain a full scope of information on their activity and purchase trends. Our domain-level tracking finds insights into how each domain is behaving, what content they’re consuming, and the best performing keywords and websites within our network. Lastly, we scrub over 18,000 industry topics, 3.5 million company locations, and 250,000 targeted keywords to scrub company trends across various social media search-driven spaces. All of this works in-conjunction with our ongoing lead generation programs to ensure each lead is the most up-to date and ready-to-use.

Selling to the Data

Both marketing and sales have vested interests in higher quality leads. It’s an all too common story of the marketer and sales manager duking it out over lead conversions. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, by blending both intent and predictive analytics together, we enable you to focus on what matters most- revenue generation. With the confidence that each contact is fully researched and showing buying trends, the sales team can now spend less time trying to qualify their leads and more time on selling your product and services. PurePredict is also set to grow with your expanding organizational needs. As we track your contacts trends, we learn more about your buyers and can expand our reach.

Next Steps

Take a look at your current marketing data and lead situation. What is missing? Most marketers will agree that MQLs have slowed down over time, and sales isn’t seeing the conversions they need to support growth. Where are your leads getting stuck at in the funnel? By evaluating your current lead generation, you can tell if a predictive analytics solution is right for you. PurePredict works alongside all of PureB2B’s lead generation solutions, as an “always-on” methodology. That way you’re guaranteed to get the most up-to-date and agile lead info, so you can focus on what matters the most- converting leads and generating revenue. If you want to learn more, please reach out to us and connect with one of our lead generation experts. You’ll get a full explanation on how PureB2B’s intent and predictive analytics can work for you.