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Top Sales Technology to Adopt for More Conversions

The sales process has changed significantly with the advent of technology, helping your sales teams get more leads, drive more effective sales conversion strategies, and converting prospects. With technology, salespeople can boost their awareness, generate more leads, build long-term connections with prospects and customers, create an outstanding sales pipeline, increase response, and eventually optimize lead nurturing and conversion.

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Social Selling: What Does it Actually Mean?

Social selling is a sales approach that incorporates building relationships with customers into the sales process. Essentially, the goal is to make potential customers become aware of you, like your brand, and trust you through social media sales and marketing activities. The ultimate goal is to have clients call you when they require your goods or services.

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Differences Between PR, Marketing, and Advertising and Their Applications

People tend to confuse the distinctions between marketing, advertising, and public relations since they are all used to promote a company and its products. It gets even more challenging when sponsored material shows up with news stories and ads appear as social media postings. You start to wonder where PR crosses the line into marketing and if social campaigns are any different from marketing campaigns.

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