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How Original Research Influences Marketing Campaigns

It might go without saying, but strategic audience research is one of the most important foundations of any marketing strategy and campaign. With the rapid increase in volumes of data, many marketers have resorted to getting their information from second-hand, or even third-hand information. Sometimes, all they need to do is do an extensive online ...

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The Top 3 Content Syndication Platforms to Consider in 2021

As a B2B marketer, you most likely understand the impact that effective content marketing strategies can bring to your business. Of course, it doesn’t come without challenges. For example, after developing your major pillar content pieces, you realize that your inbound leads are plateauing. Here’s a concrete example. Posting on your company’s blog or your ...

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4 B2B Lead Generation Steps You’re Missing

When striving to be an efficient B2B industry leader, lead generation is one of, if not the most important factor of your company. Having a successful or lacking process affects everyone from marketing and sales to production and even upper management. Scalable rates, lead costs, and a follow up system are common pain points for ...

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ABM Is Essential to Today’s Trust Economy

There is an emerging trend in today’s economy that is changing who, what, and how we trust. Trust is now the new capital and engine of progress especially with the advent of COVID-19 forcing us to try to work together apart. The trust economy didn’t emerge overnight when COVID hit. Rather, it was a growing ...

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