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What is Lead Enrichment and Why is it Important for your Sales Strategy?

Lead enrichment means acquiring and organizing supporting data for the leads in your database to ensure that they are highly current and accurate, utilizing all available data. Generally, lead enrichment refers to updating information such as business size, industry, job title, phone number, and email address. However, it may also refer to any data included ...

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8 Affordable and Scalable Lead Generation Strategies

For marketers and their companies, lead generation is critical for growth. To Improve lead generation, you need to boost brand recognition and people’s interest in your products or services. Also, prospects must be nurtured from the marketing funnel to the sales pipeline. Lead generation techniques, when done correctly, build solid relationships with viable customers with ...

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Leveraging Social Media in Your Outbound Marketing Strategy

Social media still reigns as one of the best sources of customers and sales. According to a study cited by Asset Digital, 55% of customers and clients look for business information on social media. That’s why presence on these platforms has become an indispensable tool. With so many businesses clamoring for attention, there are only ...

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