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Top 8 Account-Based Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Should Know

Account-based marketing is a phrase most people have heard, but might not understand. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategy for identifying and approaching important accounts with the highest chance of becoming clients. It brings in the age-old debate between marketing and sales and who contributes more. Sales is the first thing that often comes to ...

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Looking to heat up your sales pipeline?

It’s no secret lead generation is one of the key challenges all marketers face.  While the concept of collecting and delivering authentic and qualified sales leads isn’t new, the different ways marketers can increase the number of leads that eventually convert into sales has certainly evolved.  While the goal remains the same — attract target ...

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Step Up Digital Ad Delivery with PureABM

Introduction  They say if you build it, they will come. But what if they don’t?  Despite best efforts, B2B marketers sometimes miss the mark when it comes to strategic ABM initiatives, like digital ad delivery. Whether it’s a case of bad data, ineffective audience targeting, or improper alignment between sales and marketing teams, ABM programs can hit the skids real quick, ultimately impacting lead generation efforts and marketing budgets moving ...

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