The PureB2B Team

The PureB2B Team

Meet the Leaders in B2B Demand Generation

PureB2B is a data-driven lead generation partner created by industry pioneers who have set the standards for quality lead generation programs over the past three decades. We provide full-funnel, flexible and scalable solutions to target in-market technology buyers and positively impact sales and marketing ROI.

Melissa Chang

Chair of the Board

Barry Harrigan

Vice Chair of the Board

Rich Bibbins


Johanna Rivard

Chief Performance Officer

Diane Stoloff

VP Operations

Rachel Gordon

Director of Finance

Katie Mielcarek

Director of Client Operations

Eric Choronzy

VP of Sales Operations

Anna Eliot

Sr. Director of Marketing

Stacy McMaster

VP of Customer Experience

Kathrin Williams

Director of Human Resources

Joe Espinosa

VP of Commercial Sales

Bob Cavilla

GM Digital & Content Products