Financial Services Platform Generates Demand From Target Accounts

Case Study: PureSyndication + ABM

As with many companies focused in a niche market in the B2B technology industry, this client was not seeing the desired outcomes from paid advertising campaigns. To increase the scale and velocity of their demand generation pipeline, the client began looking for a lead and demand generation partner who understood their target market and could successfully generate quality leads from within their account-based marketing list. What caught the client’s attention was DemandScience’s area of expertise in ABM and mechanisms to promote content in several different places to the right audiences using digital, email, and telephone outreach.

Powered by the largest intent-driven audience in the space, PureSyndication + ABM reached and engaged with the right decision makers within the client’s target ABM list using multi-channel engagement, intent data layering, and tactical account targeting. An initiative around the mobile banking application the client offers involved carving out a separate audience of core target accounts from a tough market filled with competitors. This was the most targeted and successful campaign to date that DemandScience ran for the client.

In the past, the client felt they had to take initiative and manage its vendors, but described the experience with DemandScience as “lead generation while we sleep” and knew the campaigns were working, which ultimately generated $4.5m in pipeline influence.

To see the full results of this partnership, download the case study.

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