Strategically Managing MQLs

Strategically Managing MQLs

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MQLs remain relevant in today’s client acquisition process. Marketing is the take-off point that leads to ROI.

Key Objectives Discussed:

-Is MQL still relevant?
-Common challenges associated with MQLs
-The evolution of MQL
-Benefits and advantages of MQLs
-Skills and abilities today's marketers need
-Best practices and uses

The challenge most teams encounter in getting MQLs to sales development representatives
(SDRs) is having cycle through the sales funnel. Without the right strategy for handling MQLs, firms find it difficult to get their return on investment (ROI) within the desired timeframe.

Strategically managing MQLs is critical to being able to generate the right ROI. What separates MQLs from other leads is behavior; MQLs often take action toward your organization and/or services.

Enter intent data. Intent data is the lifeblood of sales and marketing because it offers insights into
online actions that indicate potential to purchase. Intent data removes the guesswork in lead analysis and helps shorten the lead to sale conversion cycle. Intent data allows firms to focus more time, resources, and energy on active consumers.

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The PureB2B Difference

Rather than being transactional, PureB2B acts as a team player to clients, making their goals and success our own. At PureB2B, the team communicates with you through every step of your campaign lifecycle, providing optimization and flexibility when you need it most. Our online and offline intent generation engines combine to provide intent data that is solely exclusive to PureB2B and our clients.

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