Case Study: PureResearch

Case Study: PureResearch

Sidecar Increases Vertical Market Penetration & Optimizes Internal Resources

Who Is Sidecar?

Sidecar combines advanced machine learning technology with years of performance marketing expertise to enable retailers to unlock the full potential of today’s fastest-growing online discovery and shopping channels.

The Initiative

Sidecar, having experienced positive traction with their current database of mid-market e-retailers, wanted to increase sales within this vertical. At launch, their lead database was small in comparison to the US market size.

The sales team initially undertook the task of growing the lead database, but leadership quickly realized this model would not scale to meet their revenue goals. Sidecar turned to a third-party partner for their lead database expansion to minimize the sales team’s time commitments around research and discovery, and shift their focus squarely on generating revenue.

The PureB2B Solution

PureB2B’s PureResearch solution provided Sidecar’s sales team with the freedom to focus their attention on what they do best — generating revenue.

PureB2B research teams utilized multiple tactics to clean, supplement, and grow Sidecar’s lead database by working across the growing PureB2B global audience of more than 62 million technology buyers. This provided Sidecar with the assurance that they were developing and executing sales and marketing strategies with the most accurate, relevant, and up-to-date lead data available.


We would have to either put this task on our SDRs or Sales people – this would slow down their time prospecting and reaching out. The fact that they are able to get pre-qualified leads makes them focus on their actual job – which is selling our technology.

Chris Corbet,
VP of Sales at Sidecar


20x Annualized Return on Investment

Realized from PureResearch program

12,500 Net New Leads

Doubling the size of Sidecar's database

156 Opportunities Created

In first 7 months of PureResearch program

Optimized Sales Pipeline

Updated internal Lead to SAL cadence

Accelerate Your Sales & Marketing Pipeline with PureResearch