How Marketers are Tackling Sales Pipeline Ownership

How Marketers are Tackling Sales Pipeline Ownership


Pipeline marketing is the next evolutionary step marketers need to take to gain ownership of the pipeline and fuel revenue.

Key Objectives Discussed:

-What is pipeline marketing?
-The alignment between sales and marketing
-Why focus on pipeline marketing?
-Marketers tackling ownership of the sales pipeline

Potential clients have so many touchpoints, marketing must evolve their strategies to provide their prospects with the solutions they need to convert to paying clients. For pipeline marketing to see success, sales and marketing need to be aligned. This ensures the prospect, sales, and marketing are on the same page through the buyer’s journey.

This is where pipeline management becomes important. The core of delivering a lucrative pipeline strategy is for the marketing and sales team to have the same end goal: close the deal and get a good ROI on their resources and efforts. This means marketing must employ a tactical lead generation and management strategy to allow marketing initiatives to turn to revenue for the company.

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The PureB2B Difference

Rather than being transactional, PureB2B acts as a team player to clients, making their goals and success our own. At PureB2B, the team communicates with you through every step of your campaign lifecycle, providing optimization and flexibility when you need it most. Our online and offline intent generation engines combine to provide intent data that is solely exclusive to PureB2B and our clients.

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