Case Study: Uncovering Leads Within a Niche DevOps World

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About CircleCI

CircleCI is the world’s largest shared continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, and the central hub where code moves from idea to delivery. As one of the most-used DevOps tools that processes more than 1 million builds a day, CircleCI has unique access to data on how engineering teams work, and how their code runs.

Vice President of Marketing Michael Stearns leads the marketing and demand generation efforts at CircleCI, overseeing all inbound lead generation. He has been with CircleCI from the startup phase five years ago and grown with the company. His previous roles in digital marketing spanned content marketing, strategic SEO, ecommerce, and website management. As Senior Manager of Client Services at BrightEdge, Stearns advised some of the largest industry-leading brands across technology, ecommerce, and B2B on ways to grow and implement their digital marketing and SEO strategies.


As Stearns’ team became more established, they began exploring new marketing channels and looking for partners to generate leads. Inbound lead flow was healthy, but CircleCI aimed to expand its top-of-funnel lead generation activities for high-trajectory growth. With a niche consumer in the DevOps world, CircleCI needed a partner that could go beyond generic IT managers to find DevOps managers. Given the industry’s state of bleeding-edge technology, they encounter many early adopters but finding companies in new markets that were behind the adoption curve posed a significant challenge.


Several vendors were considered. Upon connecting with PureB2B and running a pilot program, CircleCI was finally able to filter down to the specific DevOps roles that were most important for sales revenue goals. Mr. Stearns saw that PureB2B shared their goal of steady, scalable growth and improvement, and this made it clear that we were the right partner to help them evolve with their best interests in mind. Responsiveness and timely delivery during the pilot program were major deciding factors as PureB2B exceeded expectations.


PureSyndication initially helped expand CircleCI’s footprint into new markets of enterprise-sized businesses that were behind the technology adoption curve. The multi-channel outreach campaigns provided guaranteed lead volumes across the PureB2B global audience of technology buyers. These first-touch leads ultimately converted to opportunities at an increased rate.

In 2019, as CircleCI’s marketing and sales teams needed to be more focused, PureSyndication + ABM was added to the solution mix as a supplementary means of expanding into target accounts. The solution reached and engaged with the right decision makers within CircleCI’s target ABM list using multi-channel engagement, intent data layering, and tactical account targeting. Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives at CircleCI were then able to accelerate their efforts with the steady supply of targeted account leads supplied by the PureSyndication + ABM program.


PureB2B has allowed us to expand our top of funnel reach through highly targeted campaigns that have allowed us to reach prospects we would have otherwise not reached. This has given our sales team more leads to prospect and expand into current opportunities. From an ABM perspective, we’ve been able to leverage PureSyndication + ABM leads to accelerate velocity against our target account lists by expanding our reach into those accounts.”

Mike Stearns
Vice President of Marketing, CircleCI


Campaigns are continuously increasing internal productivity and improving lead quality for the sales team as the client has access to the right opportunities.

Streamlined Lead Generation

PureSyndication + ABM enabled SDRs and Account Executives to accelerate deals

Improved Lead Quality

CircleCI is now connecting with the right buyers at target accounts

Increased Sales Efficiency

Improved targeting has allowed CircleCI sales teams to streamline

The PureB2B Difference

Rather than being transactional, PureB2B acts as a team player to clients, making their goals and success our own. At PureB2B, the team communicates with you through every step of your campaign lifecycle, providing optimization and flexibility when you need it most. Our online and offline intent generation engines combine to provide intent data that is solely exclusive to PureB2B and our clients.

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