Case Study: Augmenting the Marketing Pipeline to
Reach Revenue Goals


Content Syndication With Actionable Insights

About the Client

PureB2B partnered with a leading provider of AI-powered selling and pricing solutions optimized for the digital economy that enable companies to price, configure, and sell products and services in an omni-channel environment with speed, precision and consistency. The Demand Generation Manager at the client is an industry leader with 25 years of experience and more than three years in the current role managing global pricing and selling persona-based campaigns from the top down.


Seeking to improve processes and augment the quality of leads in its pipeline for account development representatives to reach revenue goals, the client was looking for a hybrid program comprised of content syndication with intent data layering and account-based marketing capabilities.


In a crowded vendor space, the client found it challenging to sift through all available information to find the right vendor. What set PureB2B apart was our ability to build flexible lead and demand generation campaigns with the addition of intent data. Additionally, the client was impressed with our overarching approach of optimizing campaigns to ensure the right demand generation leads are delivered that result in an increase of conversions to marketing qualified leads and thus sales qualified leads. PureB2B shared the same goals with the client of generating 100 percent qualified leads and holding ourselves to a high standard.


Beginning in June 2019, the client launched their hybrid solution campaigns. PureB2B’s PureSyndication provided guaranteed lead volumes through multi-channel outreach campaigns across a global audience of more than 125 million technology buyers.

Careful time and thought were spent reviewing details for keywords, titles, industries, accounts, and content pieces before beginning technology integrations for seamless lead passing. PureB2B also provided hands-on services to optimize the client’s sales outreach sequences based on our best practices.


PureB2B has made a considerable impact in our top-of-funnel qualified lead delivery, providing a reliable and significant amount of leads based on intent data, industry focus and specific job titles within our target accounts. The campaigns made the conversion rate to accepted qualified leads by our development reps greater than with other programs or other providers. We have expanded our partnership this year to provide an ongoing, evergreen program to generate a predictable amount of leads on a monthly basis.”
– Demand Generation Manager


Due to our robust onboarding process where we synced with the client’s marketing technology stack, the client did not have to start from scratch with each campaign launched which increased efficiencies. Quick edits and campaign changes while keeping assets refreshed were also important. The more opportunities pushed into marketing influence, the better KPI the client saw.

77% Conversion Rate

Historically the MQL to SQL conversion rate was 58%. PureB2B exceeded this by 33%.

634 Leads Delivered

The scope of work was set at 573 leads. A total of 634 leads were delivered.

The PureB2B Difference

Rather than being transactional, PureB2B acts as a team player to clients, making their goals and success our own. At PureB2B, the team communicates with you through every step of your campaign lifecycle, providing optimization and flexibility when you need it most. Our online and offline intent generation engines combine to provide intent data that is solely exclusive to PureB2B and our clients.

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