2021 Intent Data Challenges Benchmark Study

We Found That 94% of B2B Marketing Leaders are Overwhelmed and Exhausted from Trying to Make Intent Data Work. Are You?

Over time, intent data has become more and more commoditized. With that over saturation of the market comes a general confusion on what type of data is right for your needs. Most marketing and sales leaders are frustrated with the results they see and wish intent data was more efficient. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

48% of Marketers affirmed that intent data is a critical part of their 2021 sales and marketing strategy.

This research study explores the common challenges of implementing current intent data solutions. We surveyed over 250 demand generation and B2B marketing professionals to find out how intent data is being used today and what is potentially missing.

Here are some samples of of our research results.


of sales reps wish they had leads with intent data.


of marketers think intent data is too expensive.

say that a turn-key solution for intent data integration is very or extremely important, but only 33% have one.