Meet Content Creator Scott McKinney

Scott's Expertise

Each of our content experts bring their own set of original and specialized skills to the B2B landscape. Supporting a variety of solutions for the challenges of the decision makers within your target personas.

Enterprise Software

B2B Enterprise Software

Enterprise software is B2B software tailored to the biggest companies in the world. Their buying decisions tend to be more lengthy and complex, as more stakeholders are involved. Marketing materials need to address the customized solutions these customers require.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

B2B software is software sold to companies to address their business requirements. It includes on-premise software, but increasingly consists of subscription software-as-a-service or custom solutions hosted on the cloud.

IT Management

IT Management Services

IT services are a form of outsourced IT support. Instead of handling IT requirements such as security and troubleshooting in-house, some companies
choose to hire outside firms to provide quality service at a lower cost than in-house IT staff.

Scott McKinney

Scott writes marketing materials and articles for trade publications and companies in B2B technology and professional development. Scott’s writing has appeared in IBM Systems: POWER Systems, Training, APEX airline industry publication, Today’s Veterinary Business, Connect Corporate and Connect Association meetings trade publications, and Trade Show News Network. Ghostwriting/content marketing experience includes clients in telecommunications, hardware (server-on-chip), software (enterprise OS, SaaS), and IT managed services.

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