Meet Content Creator Deb Schmidt

Deb's Expertise

Each of our content experts bring their own set of original and specialized skills to the B2B landscape. Supporting a variety of solutions for the challenges of the decision makers within your target personas.

IT Management

Information Technology

Information technology is the use of hardware and software to solve organizational and business pain points on a broad scale. Enterprises as well as small companies utilize information technology for front and back end business operations, security, connectivity and more.

Marketing Technology


Marketing is the process of bringing a company’s products or services to the appropriate audiences through targeted messaging. The foundation of marketing is learning what customers need and value and then engaging them to make sales and create long-term loyalty.



Customer experience is ultimately the perception that a customer has of your business. Everything that a company does—messaging, product quality, sales process, problem resolution, brand attributes, follow-up, leadership and more—all combine to create the full customer experience.

Deb Schmidt

Deb is a Marketing Consultant, Creative Director, Brand Guru and Senior Copywriter who has been working (playing, actually) with ideas, strategies and words for 20+ years and still love doing it. Lucky me, she says. So, what’s her personal elevator speech these days? Here goes: Creative with wit, strategic, integrated thinker. Corporate marketing and ad agency experience. Created billion-dollar brands and start-up personalities. Heavy b-2-b background with high tech emphasis but just as facile in other industries. That’s the short end of it. The meat of the story is that she has been fortunate enough to work in Fortune 500 companies to communicate and take a product or service to a global marketplace. And has jumped into the ad agency side of things to create work that relates to customers and makes them want a product or service more than anything else they could ever imagine. Deb encourages big sky thinking to let a product or service expand and breathe. That means solving marketing challenges from a helicopter view all the way down to the tactical level. For some, she simply writes or provides creative direction. For others, she creates marketing campaigns, branding guidelines, marketing plans, you name it. If it relates to marketing, telling great brand stories and promoting a product or service, count her in.

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