PureB2B is a data-driven lead generation partner created by industry pioneers who have set the standards for quality lead generation programs over the past three decades. There is no need to struggle to find and convert leads when you can come straight to the source.

PureB2B’s innovative lead generation solutions powered by our global audience of more than 62 million technology buyers, enables B2B technology companies to meet their revenue goals and increase sales and marketing ROI.

Delivering full-funnel, scalable solutions for sales and marketing teams.

Customized campaigns optimized to target your in-market buyers at any state of the buying cycle, PureB2B’s hands-on approach and buyer-intent data provide you with the sales and marketing pipeline velocity you need.


Your Source For Effective B2B Content Marketing Lead Generation

Is Your Content Reaching the Right Buyers?

We all know that Top-of-Funnel leads are the lifeblood of a healthy marketing funnel, but casting a wide targeting net while maintaining a consistent flow of quality leads is a challenge every modern marketer faces. The question remains, how can you ensure your target buyers will engage with your content?

Do Your Leads Have Layered Intent Data?

PureSyndication not only gets your content into the hands of decision makers, our leads are now supplemented with intent data sourced from an ecosystem of 17 million companies across 600,000 websites. This equips B2B marketing and sales teams with actionable lead insights to accelerate the buying process.

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Get the Buyers You Need with PureSyndication

With guaranteed top-of-funnel lead volume from our global audience of more than 62 million B2B technology buyers, PureSyndication is flexible and scalable allowing you to target in-market buyers through intent and competitor keywords.

PureSyndication leads are now supplemented with robust intent data layering, providing marketing and sales teams with actionable insights to accelerate the buying process.

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Multi-Channel Engagement

Email and telephone outreach targeting your personas

Activity-based Intent Layering

Generating leads that are most engaged with your content

Tactical Persona Filtering

The power to target by demographic, firmographic, and technographic filters

Supercharge Your Content Syndication

PureSyndication’s powerful capabilities can be expanded with the addition of:




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Your Lead Generation Success is Our Goal

To stay competitive, you need a partner who is a team player. At PureB2B, our team works with you through every step of your campaign, providing optimization and flexibility when you need it most.

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