PureB2B is a data-driven lead generation partner created by industry pioneers who have set the standards for quality lead generation programs over the past three decades. There is no need to struggle to find and convert leads when you can come straight to the source.

PureB2B’s innovative lead generation solutions powered by our global audience of more than 62 million technology buyers, enables B2B technology companies to meet their revenue goals and increase sales and marketing ROI.

Delivering full-funnel, scalable solutions for sales and marketing teams.

Customized campaigns optimized to target your in-market buyers at any state of the buying cycle, PureB2B’s hands-on approach and buyer-intent data provide you with the sales and marketing pipeline velocity you need.


Your Source For Intent Data Lead Generation

Capture technology buyer leads at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Do Your Marketing Strategies Reach Every Decision Maker at the Right Time?

The technology decision-making process is becoming more complex by the day. There are multiple stakeholders, each with unique challenges and needs, performing the majority of their solution research online — narrowing the field of vendors before the sales process even begins.

To keep your company’s solutions in the running requires a full funnel marketing approach. Place your content and information into the hands of internal stakeholders at the right time and launch sales outreach programs when the decision maker’s behavior indicates serious buyer intent.

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Multi-channel Targeting and Intent Monitoring of Technology Buyers with PureFunnel


Predictable lead volumes from our global audience of XXX technology buyers, placing your content directly into the hands of your target personas.


CPM display advertising program working across search, social media, and display placements on thePureB2B GuidesFor Network.


Driven by PureB2B’s intent based survey engine, tap into your target market and identify marketing and sales qualified lead opportunities.

Combine the power of three PureB2B lead generation solutions to target and engage with
technology buyers where they live online.

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Multi-Channel Engagement

Email, telephone, and digital outreach targeting your personas

Activity-based Intent Layering

Monitor lead online engagement and touchpoints

Tactical Persona Filtering

The power to target by demographic, firmographic, and technographic filters

Buyer’s Stage Identification

Custom surveys for additional layer of qualification

Lead Exclusivity

MQL and SQL survey leads exclusive to you

Audience Extension & Retargeting

Multi-touch retargeting and look-alike audience building

Support Your Full Funnel Marketing Strategy

Increase the ROI of your sales and marketing campaigns with these related solutions.


Ready to gain launch your full funnel marketing program?

Discover the best-practices necessary to to launch an effective data-driven marketing strategy.

Data-driven marketing is about responding to customer needs promptly, based on buying behavior and data collected both on and offline. The right data will give you valuable insights for building customer relationships and sales prospecting.

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