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Content Syndication With Intent Data

Content Syndication With Intent Data

Content Syndication With Actionable Insights

B2B Content Syndication Solutions

Clients use PureSyndication to successfully scale and increase sales conversions via multi-channel outreach campaigns with guaranteed lead volumes. PureSyndication leads are supplemented with robust intent data layering, providing marketing and sales teams with accurate intent data to accelerate the buying process. Speak with a team member to discuss your content syndication goals.

SMG (Service Management Group) Broke into New Markets

• 1,400 Net New Leads
• 61% MQL to SAL Conversion Rate
• 2nd Lowest CPL
• $300k in Sales Pipeline Opportunities

Expansive filtering capabilities and intent-activity data layering empower SMG to better forecast lead generation budgets while maintaining a consistent stream of quality leads into its marketing funnel.

The Evolution of Spanning

• 11% conversion rate from lead to MQL, exceeding past results of 5-10% across all programs.

Discover how PureSyndication with Intent delivered quality leads that were actively engaged with Spanning’s top-of-funnel content.

Leading AI-powered SaaS Client

• 77% MQL to SQL conversion rate with PureB2B, up from 58% historically
• Exceeded scope of work, delivering 634 leads

The client improved processes and augmented the quality of leads in its pipeline for account development representatives to exceed revenue goals. The more opportunities pushed into marketing influence, the better KPI the client saw.

CircleCI's Success

• Continuously increasing internal productivity and improving lead quality for its sales team with access to the right opportunities

CircleCI xpanded top-of-funnel reach through highly targeted campaigns that reached prospects they would have otherwise not reached. This has given their sales team more leads to prospect and expand into current opportunities.

The PureB2B Difference

Rather than being transactional, PureB2B acts as a team player to clients, making their goals and success our own. At PureB2B, the team communicates with you through every step of your campaign lifecycle, providing optimization and flexibility when you need it most. Our online and offline intent generation engines combine to provide intent data that is solely exclusive to PureB2B and our clients.

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