Powerful Content Syndication With Intent

Powerful Content Syndication With Intent

Ensure Your Target Buyers will Engage with Your Content.

Casting a wide net with your content marketing while maintaining a consistent flow of quality leads is a challenge every modern marketer faces. Even with an abundance of intent-data, ensuring you are reaching your target buyers at the right time is becoming increasingly difficult. Cut through the noise while gaining actionable insight into your in-market buyers’ intent activity.

Content Syndication with Actionable Insights

Powered by the largest intent ecosystem in the space, PureSyndication pushes your content into the hands of your target buyers using multi-channel outreach efforts. PureSyndication leads are supplemented with robust intent data layering, providing marketing and sales teams with accurate intent data to accelerate the buying process.

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The Power of PureSyndication

PureSyndication integrates your chosen keywords to build a targeted account list that is matched to our exclusive global audience.

By aggregating both online and phone-verified intent, PureB2B identifies companies that are in-market.

Content placement across high-level brands including SoftwareTrends and Enterprise Guides.

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SMG achieves B2B lead generation goals by partnering with PureB2B

To stay competitive, you need a partner who is a team player. At PureB2B, our team works with you through every step of your campaign, providing optimization and flexibility when you need it most..

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