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Winning Events in 2H 2020 With Content Syndication

Winning Events in 2H 2020 With Content Syndication

Hit target goals

Target, engage, and influence the right B2B buyers for your event.

More than just top-of-funnel lead generation, content syndication will tactically expand your existing marketing database, driving event registration for webinars and on-demand engagements.

The Challenge

Events & a Gap in Demand Generation Planning

  • Marketing teams are stretching creative boundaries to fill the demand generation gap left by in-person events and have turned to digital conferences and webinars.
  • This transition has taxed internal marketable data sets significantly, caused diminishing returns on channels that used to be major drivers of lead engagement.

marketable data

There’s Always a Solution

Content Syndication for Event and Brand Awareness

  • Content syndication is the fuel that can keep your events rolling for the next 3, 6, and 12 months.
  • By investing in your marketable database now (and continuing this investment), you are setting your team up for success long term.
  • Content syndication can take some of the pressure off your shoulders as a marketer so you can focus your energy where it’s most cost effective: planning a killer digital event.

Content Syndication With Actionable Insights

The organizations who can help their prospects identify and solve their problems the best, while continuing to cost effectively build out their opt-in marketable database will win big in 2H 2020.

Embrace Content Syndication and Drive Human Connection


Marketers can utilize content syndication beyond the purpose of generating new leads by using it to increase event attendance and brand recognition.


Use your call to action in your syndicated PDF content as an opportunity to drive and bring even more visitors to your event website.


If done correctly, content can increase event buzz while also serving to build a prestigious event brand associated with thought leadership.

Level Up Your Lead Generation


Target, engage, and influence the right B2B buyers with PureSyndication. Powered by our global audience of 125 million in-market B2B buyers, PureSyndication gets your content into the hands of your target buyers using multi-channel outbound engagement. Focus on engaging those who are intending to make a change or have a need to make a change and establish thought leadership with them. Working with client demand generation target personas and keywords, we identify potential leads in the online & offline ecosystems. Leads are supplemented with robust intent data layering exclusive to our clients, providing marketing and sales teams with accurate intent data to accelerate the buying process.

For some creative hacks to drive event attendance, check out our blog: “Three Ninja-Like Tactics for Generating Event Leads in 2020”.

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