B2B Account Intelligence

B2B Account Intelligence

Discover In-Market Leads Looking to Purchase within the Next 12 Months

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Do You Know Who is In-Market for Your Solution?

Marketing and sales activities in the B2B technology space can sometimes feel like a game of chance. A lead may have the appearance of being interested, but how do you really know?

It is common for sales and marketing resources to be expended nurturing or prospecting a technology decision maker who may not have any interest in a solution, or worse, no plans or budget to make a new technology purchase.

The only way to avoid this is to work with a partner who knows your target markets inside and out, and can do the leg work for you.

Who is In-Market?

Identify In-Market Decision Makers with PureTrends

Powered by the PureB2B survey engine, our team of industry experts connect with in-market technology buyers every day. With PureTrends you gain access to survey results and in-market leads within your specific sub-industry who are looking to make a purchase in the next twelve months.

Speak with a team member to discuss accelerating your pipeline with PureTrends.

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Benefits of PureTrends

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The Complete Guide to Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is about responding to customer needs promptly, based on buying behavior and data collected both on and offline. The right data will give you valuable insights for building customer relationships and sales prospecting.