PureMQL: Your Source for Marketing Qualified Leads

PureMQL: Your Source for Marketing Qualified Leads

Qualify Leads Now, with PureMQL

Could You be Missing an Opportunity to Qualify More Leads?

The pressure to deliver high quality leads at a consistent rate is growing, but the challenge of maintaining quality while increasing quantity has remained the same.

The key to striking a perfect balance is to complement your top-of-funnel lead generation strategies with a solution that allows you to identify and engage with decision makers who are further along in the buyer’s journey.

Targeted Syndication and Lead Qualification

Driven by PureB2B's US based direct outreach network, PureMQL leverages a combination of our unique survey approach and content engagement to identify in market decision makers across our global audience of more than 62 million technology decision makers. PureMQL allows you not only to tap into your target market, but also pre-quality and identify marketing qualified or sales qualified lead opportunities for your sales organization at scale. Bridging the gap search based vendors leave in your MQL growth.

Tap into Leads Who are Ready to Buy Now with PureMQL

Driven by PureB2B’s intent-based survey engine, we target known and new buyers within your target market to identify those looking to buy now or those who are open to making a technology solution change.

PureMQL allows you to not only tap into your target market, but also pre-qualify and identify Marketing Qualified and Sales Qualified Lead opportunities for your sales organization, at scale.

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Benefits of PureMQL

Accelerate Your Sales & Marketing Pipeline with PureMQL Today!

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