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Integrated Turn-Key Market Development

Integrated Turn-Key Market Development

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Take Ownership of the Sales & Marketing Funnel

Two main challenges face demand generation marketers today: generating a consistent stream of high-quality leads and the improper follow-up when those leads are transitioned to sales. Take ownership of the sales and marketing pipeline and increase demand generation ROI.

Optimize the Full Funnel to Increase Conversions

PureB2B’s PureFunnel solution provides down-funnel outbound lead generation to help clients address the roadblocks they’ve hit generating bottom-of-funnel leads. PureFunnel solves for challenges such as:

  • Lack of internal infrastructure, i.e. no SDRs, to produce or further develop BoFu leads.
  • No marketing nurture and the need to grow opportunities for their sales team quickly.
  • Too many MQLs and not enough people to follow up on them.
  • Difficultly transitioning ToFu leads to BoFu due to an ineffective marketing funnel.

Using outbound sales development, in-market customers are found based on predictive analytics. We’ll do the legwork for you to find out who’s actually in market for your solution and is ready to speak with you. The cost-effective process saves you time and resources spent nurturing and delivers BoFu leads that are already engaged on the buyer’s journey.

How PureFunnel Works


Identify In-market Companies with Predictive Analytics

Our online and offline intent generation engines combine to provide intent data that is solely exclusive to PureB2B and our clients. With digital intent partnerships with over 600,000 sites, we’re able to identify and analyze content consumption for peaks in activity across accounts. Our team of industry experts contacts tech buyers via phone to find those looking to make a purchase.


U.S. Agents Deploy Lead Development Sequence

Our multi-touch integrated marketing approach ensures that your target contacts are successfully engaged. U.S.-based phone team executes outbound contact calls. Email campaigns drive engagement to client digital collateral and online offers. Display banners target the buying units at desired in-market companies and direct to the client’s site promoting strategic branding, content, or offers.


Delivery of In-Market Bottom of Funnel Leads

During our multi-touch outreach campaign, prospects that show a strong indication of being in-market are passed to you and your sales team. You will only ever receive leads who have shown a strong positive disposition. This includes leads that have requested information, expressed an immediate or future interest, those who are ready to schedule a meeting now, or have requested an online demo.

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Take ownership of the sales and marketing pipeline and increase lead generation ROI with a cost-effective, turn-key solution.


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