B2B Lead Qualification

B2B Lead Qualification


Get Straight to the Most Qualified Leads

Given the amount of bandwidth it can take to convert a lead through the marketing funnel, too many leads can sometimes present a bigger problem for sales and marketing organizations than not enough leads to meet quantity goals. Living and dying by conversions can be hard, and we all know it’s a game of nuances and numbers. You may find yourself wondering where this magic even starts. How can you push leads through the whole marketing funnel the most efficient way possible? This challenge is solved through a specific layer of sales/lead development focused on lead qualification. Lead qualification campaigns are designed to eliminate the “tire kickers” and connect the best opportunities to your sellers. Pureconversion executes qualification at scale, chasing down your hottest opportunities and qualifying them with 4-6 questions tailored to your product.
Unlike most lead development solutions in the space, PureConversion works on a per lead pricing model, helping to better manage the ebbs and flows of leads more cost effectively. Building out internal resources is expensive and time consuming; PureConversion cuts your lead development and qualification costs by 25-30% on average versus in house.

How PureConversion Works for Lead Qualification

PureB2B leverages our technology to identify and connect your programs with high quality U.S.-based phone talent. We select the top 3% of callers out of thousands of applicants each month with 5+ years’ experience. All calls are QA’d either by machine learning or manual QA with more than 20 call criteria.


Provide Your Leads List

Provide leads lists from your marketing channels to our U.S.-based agents to target and move through your pipeline.


Integrated Approach

PureB2B takes an integrated approach to lead qualification across two main channels: custom email and phone outreach.


3x MQL Conversions

PureConversion eliminates the “tire kickers” and connects the best opportunities and most qualified leads with your sales team.

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