Customer Marketing

Customer Marketing


Increase Engagement with Existing Customers

The bulk of marketing resources (and budgets) are dedicated to new customer acquisition, leaving a massive gap in marketing channels, software, and ideas for driving revenue and bookings from your current customer set. Most marketers are exclusively reliant on email programs to drive current customer growth and upsell/cross sell opportunities. Email alone may not get you the engagement levels that you need to drive pipeline. Pureconversion is a tactical, campaign-focused tool to help marketers increase annual revenues from their current customer base, unlocking a massive untapped opportunity for ROI inside your current customer set.
Unlike most lead development solutions in the space, PureConversion works on a per lead pricing model, helping to better manage the ebbs and flows of leads more cost effectively. Building out internal resources is expensive and time consuming; PureConversion cuts your lead development and qualification costs by 25-30% on average versus in house.

How PureConversion Works for Customer Marketing

PureB2B leverages our technology to identify and connect your programs with high quality U.S.-based phone talent. We select the top 3% of callers out of thousands of applicants each month with 5+ years’ experience. All calls are QA’d either by machine learning or manual QA with more than 20 call criteria.


Provide Customer List

You provide your companies existing customer list for our U.S.-based agents to nurture on your behalf.


Integrated Approach

PureB2B takes an integrated approach to customer nurturing across two main channels: custom email and phone outreach.


Product Expansion

PureConversion provides you with a direct line of engagement with existing customer, increasing opportunities for account expansion.

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