Inbound Lead Development and Qualification

Inbound Lead Development and Qualification

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Move Leads Through Your Sales & Marketing Funnel

Even the most ideal leads can fail to convert for a variety of factors related to timing, brand awareness, budget, or intent. Most sales and marketing organizations’ biggest gap isn’t in generating leads, but in effectively moving them through the buying journey.

PureB2B’s PureConversion solution provides a cost-effective means of guiding more leads through your marketing and sales funnel and takes back control of your pipeline. This lead development and pipeline accelerant utilizes an industry proven multi-channel approach of customized email and phone outreach conducted by experienced, U.S.-based agents, all with turn-key execution.

Lead Development Challenges

No matter where you’re having a problem in your conversion pipeline, PureConversion fixes bottlenecks in your pipeline and helps solve a variety of challenges such as:

  • Lack internal infrastructure to successfully move leads through the sales and marketing pipeline
  • Your LDR team currently has bandwidth challenges in covering your lead flow adequately
  • Adding SDR headcount in marketing is both expensive and time consuming
  • Too many MQLs for SDRs, BDRs, for sales to handle

Unlike most lead development solutions in the space, PureConversion works on a per lead pricing model, helping to better manage the ebbs and flows of leads more cost effectively. Building out internal resources is expensive and time consuming; PureConversion cuts your lead development and qualification costs by 25-30% on average versus in house.

How PureConversion Works

PureB2B leverages our technology to identify and connect your programs with high quality U.S.-based phone talent. We select the top 3% of callers out of thousands of applicants each month with 5+ years’ experience. All calls are QA’d either by machine learning or manual QA with more than 20 call criteria.

Step One

Client provides leads at any stage of their sales and marketing funnel for our U.S.-based agents to target.

Step Two

PureB2B takes an integrated approach to lead development across two main channels: custom email and phone outreach.

Step Three

PureConversion will free blockages and move leads through your sales/marketing funnel, providing increased conversion rates determined by where you’re experiencing issues in your funnel.

Free your Sales and Marketing Pipeline

Increase demand generation ROI with a cost-effective, turnkey solution. Speak with a team member to discuss accelerating your pipeline with PureConversion.


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