Marketing Qualified Lead ROI Amongst a Reduced Budget

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    Reduced marketing budget is preventing you from generating MQLs. Content Syndication provides a cost-effective solution.

    The Challenge: Reduced MQL Conversion Rates

    MQLs are the lifeblood of a demand gen marketer, and you can’t create them at the same, accelerated rate as you were, if you don’t have the budget. With MQL solutions costing you upwards of $700 per lead, how can you truly scale your efforts?

    The Solution: Cost-Effective, Intent-Backed Leads

    Intent-driven Content Syndication provides an avenue to generate MQLs at a faster rate, while offering a fixed price. Filling your marketing funnel with high quality leads should be your priority.

    Level Up Your Demand Generation with PureB2B

    There are only about 3% of buyers currently ready to buy a new solution, while 37% of them are still considering a possible need. By utilizing PureB2B’s content syndication, you establish yourself as a thought leader by reaching those buyers who are actively researching how to solve a problem. Your content is marketed across a network of over 125 million decision makers, segmented by specific marketing data filters, and vetted through an intent ecosystem that looks at real keyword engagement. The result? Content syndication through PureB2B increases your ROI and accelerates leads through your marketing funnel.

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    Proof is in the Numbers

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    $1 Billion Dollars of Client Pipeline Created

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    Over 70% Client Retention Rate

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    +500K Monthly "In-Market" Accounts

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