Meet Content Creator Shanty Elena

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As our world moves from cash to digital payments, fintech start-ups and global payment solution providers offer customers user-friendly ways to pay for products and services. Booming business for payment processors and acquirers. Companies for whom I write compelling B2B content.


Risk Management

Booming e-commerce and emerging e-payment methods require smart risk management to detect and counter fraud and money-laundering in compliance with complex rules & regulations. I help you to engage with your audience and build new business relationships through inbound marketing (blogs, articles, interviews, white papers and books).


Compliance Business

Business compliance is a catch-all for how well a company’s follows the laws and regulations governing its business. Laws will vary depending on your industry, where your business is based, and how you’ve chosen to structure your company. Compliance can feel like a heavy lift—especially on the days you are working with marketing, production, and quarterly taxes.

Shanty Elena

Shanty Elena is a freelance B2B Content Writer with over twenty years of corporate experience. Over the past ten years, Shanty Elena has done research, translations and has written content for international clients in the online Payments, Risk Management and Compliance business. B2B Content, such as industry white papers, reports, books, brochures, case studies, web content and country fact sheets. As a polyglot, she combines strong analytical- and communication skills. This enables her to convert abstract concepts and complex technical functionality into transparent, accessible and compelling marketing content, in sync with your company’s Content Marketing strategy.