on Feb 24, 2021 / by Corey Cantrell

How to Make the Most of Sales Operations [Podcast]

Sales operations is somewhat of an unknown section of the revenue machine at most organizations. Leaders may feel like they need someone to manage sales operations, but what exactly does that mean? A more common question is, how can I make the most of sales operations? Surely they’re not just paper pushers right? Well, in our inaugural episode for the PureB2B podcast Unlocking Pure Revenue, we talk specifically about why sales operations feels under appreciated and how teams can make sure sales ops is best utilized across the organization.

Questions we answer in this episode:

Define Sales Ops at your org. 4:10
How are you interacting with Sales Operations? 8:59
What are some sales processes you have streamline, or are working on streamlining? 12:23
Any recommendations on how to onboard a sales ops strategy? 19:25

Why Should You Have a Sales Operations Team?

This is really the money question. Does onboarding a sales operations strategy really have enough ROI behind it? Well, think about it this way. How valuable is the tracking of sales opportunities and taking that reporting and turning it into an action plan to make more money? Chances are, it’s pretty valuable. In short, that’s what sales ops can do for your company. They focus on actionable reporting to find gaps and challenges within the sales team, and then enable the sales reps to overcome said challenges and create more opportunities. In a nutshell, if you have a functional sales team, you should also have a sales operations strategy.

What Sales Processes Can They Manage?

The short answer is: a lot. However, if we dig into what the value of sales operations is again, we can see that it’s not necessarily designed to manage every sales process all the time. In fact, sales ops works best when there are clear goals that need to be met. So instead of trying to figure out how much activity you can give over to the sales ops team, think more about what individual pain points your sales team is having. Now sales operations can dissect the issue, pull together reporting from the various sales software you use, and create an action plan to streamline and correct the issue at hand. They can’t do all of this if their workload is full of menial tasks every day. When creating and working with a sales operations team and strategy, you’ll want to make sure you’re setting them up for success.

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