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PureB2B’s innovative lead generation solutions powered by our global audience of more than 62 million technology buyers, enables B2B technology companies to meet their revenue goals and increase sales and marketing ROI.

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Customized campaigns optimized to target your in-market buyers at any state of the buying cycle, PureB2B’s hands-on approach and buyer-intent data provide you with the sales and marketing pipeline velocity you need.

Everyone has a why. Our “why” is simple… We Believe! together we believe that one genuine, heartfelt act of kindness will absolutely make a difference in the life of another human being. Paying it forward with authentic, selfless, and meaningful acts of kindness can create a positive ripple effect.

At PureB2B, we are blessed to be a part of the Pure Incubation family and wish you all a new year filled with endless possibilities. Let’s create some positive ripples!

This past holiday season, PureB2B kicked off our first annual Inspire to Act initiative. See what our CEO, Melissa Chang, and Director of HR Kathrin Williams have to say about the initiative and the amazing impact it has had on the PureB2B team.

Chosen charities are:

Like most sales leaders, every year around November someone puts something on my calendar that says something like “Discuss 2018 Client Holiday Gifts”. While we still feel its immensely important to thank and acknowledge our amazing clients, we’ve decided to spare everyone another desk trinket with a vendor logo on it this holiday season. This year, and going forward, PureB2B will be taking a different approach, allocating the “holiday gift” budget to making a donation to charity. With so many great charitable organizations, our first challenge was to figure out which charity we wanted to make our donation to. Like most sales organization we solved this problem with a look at the sales scoreboard and bestowed the responsibility of choosing the charity to our #1 revenue generating team member thus far. Congrats to Stephanie Labasco, who this year has chosen the Make-A-Wish foundation – NYC Chapter.


“Make-A-Wish is the largest wish-granting charity in the world, with 60 chapters throughout the United States and its territories, and 41 international affiliates on 5 continents. Our National office is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 1983, Make-A-Wish® Metro New York and Western New York has granted the wishes of 14,000 children with critical illnesses. We serve children in the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau County, and 17 counties in the Buffalo and Rochester areas. Our team was excited to be able to have an impact on Ian W’s wish to be able to swim again!  A little more on Ian W’s story. 

Wish Day Pool PartyBefore eight-year-old Ian got sick, his favorite thing to do was to go to the beach and play in the water with his little brother, and best friend, Mark. Trips to the beach are no longer possible because of his degenerative neuromuscular disease. But being in the water still makes him smile and laugh. That’s why Ian’s wish was for a backyard swimming pool.


He can no longer walk or stand on his own, but once he is in the pool, Ian is much more independent and can even float on his own for a brief moment. And he’s able to have fun with his mom, dad and, of course, Mark.


When a wish is granted, a child replaces fear with confidence, sadness with joy, and anxiety with hope. That’s the true power of a wish.”

 We thank every single one of our clients, partners and vendors for being a part of our growth story, and giving us the opportunity to have an impact this holiday season!

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It’s time to talk about Melissa and Barry, President and Chairman of PureB2B. Get to see how they are as leaders and what we love about them.

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Barry and Melissa. Two industry pioneers who have been setting the standards for quality lead generation programs over the past two decades. Hear more of what Barry has to say about his partner, Melissa Chang, and see why they are THE dream team.

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Today marks a very special day for all of us here at PureB2B and Pure Incubation as we received a Fast 50 award from the Boston Business Journal! This would not have been possible without each and everyone here at PureB2B. In honor of our amazing staff, here’s a Flashback Friday video during a company dinner with the people we sincerely consider our family. Bringing together the PureB2B family that makes “working with the people you love” a reality.