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You Might be Prospecting Wrong… About 5-7 a week – that’s how many sales scripts, cadences, and “lead

by Meghan Huston
Behavioral Targeted Lead Nurturing: It’s All About Context

Value is imperative in today’s B2B marketplace. Your product needs to address customers’ immediate—as well as their

by Anna Eliot
How to Use Behavioral Data to Trigger B2B Emails

Aside from providing the necessary information about your products and services to drive the purchasing decision, several

by Anna Eliot
When Should Marketing Hand Leads to Sales for Closing

Not all leads are sales-ready. They may be considered marketing qualified, but they’re not yet sales qualified.

by Anna Eliot

It’s now common to see people deeply focused on the screens of their mobile phones everywhere we

by Anna Eliot
How to Prioritize Your Best B2B Leads - Banner

No offense, but most of your B2B leads most likely won’t convert into sales. Some might not

by Anna Eliot
Lead Nurturing's Biggest Challenges

Lead nurturing is a vital part of B2B marketing because it‘s a key strategy in driving prospective

by Anna Eliot