B2B Lead Generation

B2B Content Syndication Like Nobody's Business

B2B Content Syndication Like Nobody's Business

B2B Content Syndication Lead Generation with Actionable Intent Data

PureB2B is exceedingly easy to work with. Best of all, my current company uses a variety of different publishers to promote our various content and when we ran an analysis on each vendor, PureB2B converted from net-new leads to opportunities at the highest rate!

Why PureB2B?

PureSyndication is a flexible and scalable B2B lead generation solution that allows you to target in-market buyers through intent and competitor keywords globally at scale.

PureSyndication integrates your chosen keywords to build a targeted account list that is matched to our exclusive global audience.

By aggregating both online and phone-verified intent, PureB2B identifies companies that are in-market.

Content placement across high-level brands including SoftwareTrends and Enterprise Guides.

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