DemandScience Leadership: Johanna Rivard, SVP of Operations

Johanna Rivard

SVP of Operations

Johanna drives the product and data strategies at DemandScience. Johanna is responsible for the development of the Company’s lead generation and data products and their related sales and marketing operations. Johanna is a two-decade veteran of the online publishing, B2B demand generation and technology media markets. She has spent her career guiding companies to improve their sales and operational efficiencies and maximizing their results. Prior to her work at DemandScience, Johanna held leadership positions at IDG and Ziff Davis where she reinvigorated operations, improved processes and drove profitability. She has also spent several years as a business consultant and understands how the sales and marketing processes drive the overall health of an organization. When not in the office, Johanna enjoys her family, fitness routines and reading self-help books.

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