How Quit Genius Generated $4 Million of Pipeline with PureSyndication

Quit Genius is the world’s first digital clinic for nicotine, alcohol, and opioid addictions.

About Quit Genius 

Quit Genius is the world’s first digital clinic for nicotine, alcohol, and opioid addictions. They offer personalized, 100% virtual treatment, helping employers to tackle the high cost of addiction in the workplace while improving the lives of their employees. 

Chad Egelhoff is Quit Genius’s Director of Demand Generation, tasked with driving pipeline and revenue growth. Chad has extensive experience in B2B technology marketing having worked in both large enterprises and startups, building his career crafting high-performing go-to-market strategies. 

“I’ve been doing B2B marketing for 15+ years and I’ve worked with a number of different lead gen providers. I’ve had good experiences and bad experiences, but I’d say that DemandScience is a top-notch provider for content syndication.” 


The Quit Genius platform is aimed at HR professionals. Therefore, Chad’s mission was to generate leads matching their ideal customer profile — the HR buyer. However, it was clear that the campaigns he inherited when joining the company weren’t performing. Despite partnering with HR-specific publications to distribute their content to relevant audiences, Chad discovered that up to 50% of the leads they received had no buying power. In addition to this poor lead quality, Chad’s team was also spending too much time manually processing the data to make it workable.  

Vendor Selection

Quit Genius needed a lead generation partner who could provide higher quality leads more in line with their ICP while removing the necessity for manual data processing. This remarkable company needed help to save time while generating more revenue.  


PureSyndication was the best solution to allow Quit Genius to syndicate their content to DemandScience’s global audience of over 125 million technology buyers, with both lead volume and cost-per-lead guaranteed up front. The process from initial conversation to onboarding was speedy, and within a month Quit Genius had high-quality inbound leads flowing directly into their pipeline. 

DemandScience was able to deliver leads matching Quit Genius’s ICP, pivoting quickly to make changes where required. Previous data management challenges were also solved, by connecting accurate and complete lead data straight into Salesforce and HubSpot. This allowed Chad and his team to begin working the leads right away with no manual data manipulation. This combination of automatic lead delivery and dynamic targeting made it easy for Quit Genius to turn leads into opportunities faster.  

The Results

DemandScience were able to consistently deliver the right contacts at the right companies. 

For this reason, Quit Genius began using DemandScience leads to feed their ABM campaign, which is now their number one lead source. This strategy works like a well-oiled machine, eliminating the previous manual effort and saving the Quit Genius team valuable time and effort.  

  • Over $4 million dollars of ARR pipeline generated from DemandScience leads 
  • 50% decrease in cost-per-lead compared to previous campaigns 
  • Significant time savings thanks to automated lead delivery  

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